Dessert in D.C.

I bet y’all thought I died, but I have just been in a SUGAR COMA for WEEKS.

D.C. has done me in with it’s impressive array of delicious desserts, so we’ll start with my Top 5 – but we will keep the train rolling throughout the rest of the summer because, let’s be honest: I have only been to Dolcezza once and anything less than trying every flavor they have feels like a crime. Good thing I walk everywhere.


5. Captain Cookie and the MilkMan Foggy Bottom

With three mobile trucks and one free-standing store, Captain Cookiitangoe is always here to save the day. My first encounter with Captain Cookie was fairly recent – just this week, actually. I saw one of the trucks drive past on my way to work and low and behold when I went down to the Noma Summer Screen – there she was, ready to place me back into my sugar coma, sweet and softly – forever.

Note: They have Cookiewiches. You can pick any two cookies and whichever ice cream flavor you want and the gods and goddesses of Captain Cookie will assemble it for you. I got Nutella and Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies with Black Cherry ice cream.

4. Baked & Wired Georgetown

There is a very important divide in D.C., and I am not talking about the split between Democrats and Republicans – this is much more serious than politics – this is about cupcakes. Georgetown Cupcake is considered to be one of the best free-standing cupcake bake1shops in the country, but the best kept secret in D.C.? Baked & Wired. Well, I guess we can call it more of a local favorite than a secret, considering that the line spills down the sidewalk and edges toward the Georgetown Waterfront, daily.

Baked & Wired is taking over the cupcake scene in D.C. With flavors like “bakedChocolate Cupcake of Doom,” “Uniporn & Rainho,” and “Pretty Bitchin’,” Baked & Wired has definitely solidified its spot among the top cupcake shops in D.C.

I mean, how could it not? Look at this “Chocolate Cupcake of Doom.”

3. Dangerous Delicious Pies H Street

I love pie – there are some pies that I, honestly, love more then a lot of people I know. My Twitter bio e2ven mentions pie as one of only two personal descriptors: Writer Type. Very into Pie.

See how real it is?!

My second night in D.C. consisted of finding the perfect piece of pie with my roommates and our next door neighbors. It happened. Baltimore Bomb. Berger Cookie crust – Vanilla Chess Filling.

We Came. We Ate. We Died (a little).

2. District Doughnut Capital Hill


Doughnuts, or any pastry, are just the socially acceptable form of dessert for breakfast. Let’s be real people: if it has no nutritional value it is DESSERT. Now, I am not saying we shouldn’t enjoy a doughnut for breakfast every now and again – just that we all be a little self-aware about it. SO BRING ON THE DOUGHNUTS – ALL DAY… EVERY – once in a while.

D09istrict Doughnut was founded by D.C. locals. The original shop sits on Barracks Row in Capital Hill. All of their doughnuts are hand made every day, the flavors are seasonal with a few yearly rotating flavors. Friends got Brown Butter (hazelnut butter, cinnamon-sugar dusted doughnut) and Chocolate Creme Brûlée (chocolate creme filling, caramelized sugar coating) while I demolished my Baklava doughnut ( roasted pistachio, orange and honey glaze with phyllo dough flakes).

1. Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee Dupont Circle

Dolcezza is magic – plain and simple. Established in 2004, Dolcedolzza serves their handcrafted gelato in five shops and two markets in the D.C. area. The majority of their ingredients are local sourced and all of their gelato is freshly made every day in their Gelato Factory near Union Market. The flavor selection is seasonal.

My roommates and I made a stop at Dolcezza’s shop in Dupont. The small shop was packed with people – smiling, laughing, switching gelato cups with friends to try every flavor.

I opted for the Valrhona Chocolate Amargo and Roasted Strawberry Jam flavors. The Valrhona Chocolate had some spice to it – sending my tongue hot before the silky chocolate cooled it down. The Strawberry Jam was incredible – equally sweet and tart – the fresh strawberries were a major plus.

That’s all for now! If you’re in the D.C. area or know of any amazing food opportunities you can email me at or insta/tweet me @FoodFiendBlog

Happy Eats,




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